Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday in Accra

Today was a GOOD day! We spent the morning with Luke & Nathan at Beacon House. Then we went back to the US Embassy to see John's sister. While we were there, we heard via phone & email that our papers will be ready on Monday. If this happens, we can apply for visas on Tuesday - this would be VERY GOOD!

So, we are hopeful & thankful! We are having to spend another weekend without our two youngest sons, which is really hard, but hope is just the good medicine we needed.

Thank you Jesus!


Frannie said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with everyone. Sierra and I looked at the pictures today, everyone looks so happy. We can't wait to meet the little guys and have our friends home. We will keep our fingers crossed for you to get visas on Tuesday. Tell Mark, Luke and Emanuel we said HELLO!
Please Post sizes of clothes and anything else you need when you have time. Thanks

The Blaske Bunch said...

Patty....Yikes...I did not have your blog on my dashboard...(FIXED THAT)
Good to see all that is happening! Good to hear on the Embassy end of things. Good to hear you are feeling better (hope)
Please squeeze my little "G' man from his mommy next time your are BH!
Your time is getting close to coming home...will pray you through your Visa stuff! Will be watching the blog better now.

Patty said...

I have been talking a lot with your G man. He is a mega-darling!
Oh my! What a sweetie! Did you see the picture I posted of him with Luke Emmanuel?

Patty said...


I'm not sure what sizes the boys are wearing yet because so many of their clothes don't have tags on them (so I can't tell) & because I haven't yet been able to try the clothes on them that I brought. We are in this "limbo" stage where I am just visiting them every day but am not getting to do much else a Mom would normally do.

I'll have a good idea what we need when we all get home & I can go through all my boys' clothing. I'm SURE we'll appreciate any offers of help though, so thank you so much! :)

I do know that Nathan wears a size 11 shoe & Luke is a size 1 but I bet I have shoes that Mark wore that would work. We'll have a big day of trying on clothes & shoes when we all get back to NC and go from there. I can't wait! :)

Miss you all! Please say hello to all the "gym & swim" Moms for me! :)

The Blaske Bunch said...

THANKS Patty...MY HEART is FULL to over flowing...Maria spotted it before me and sent me the link to your post. Ohhhh how the days pass so slowly when you are waiting! But thank you for talking to him. I know soon I will in your position and almost be home with him. THANKS...
Carrie and WHOLE family!