Thursday, September 17, 2009

Making Progress

Whoever prayed for us yesterday - thank you! God heard you. We had a much better day today. Mark woke up with a better attitude. We were able to get a ride to Beacon House at a better time. Luke & Nathan were both better able to tell me how they were feeling, what their needs were etc. I can feel attachment & trust growing. It is just so nice to sit with my boys on my lap & breathe them in, kiss their faces & "just be" together.

I am asking my boys what they "need", to try to understand what they are thinking/feeling. It is hard for them to articulate because they are young, speaking in their second language & also because they are still learning whether or not I am "safe". Today Luke was able to tell me he wanted Dad to come. John - you are loved & missed - even by your son who hasn't met you yet! Sweet! Nathan was upset about something & went off to a corner to cry. I was able to figure out what was wrong (with Luke's help), take action, and fix the problem. These are every day events for some families but for us they are big steps in building trust, letting my boys see that I will respond to their needs.

Mark has made friends with two little American girls whose parents are working in Ghana for a year. He really wants to go play at their house but it is difficult to arrange. I have no car. There are no street signs in Accra so it is hard to give or get directions. Little things we take for granted in USA are complicated.

Tomorrow is Friday. This is a long weekend in Ghana. If I do not hear from the Embassy tomorrow I doubt I will be able to bring Luke & Nathan home to our place here in Accra until next week. There is a no visitors policy at the orphanage on weekends, so I will not be able to see them for 2-3 days. Very, very difficult. I am trying to focus on the time I have left to spend with just Mark & to prepare him for what it will be like when they move here with us. I'm fighting off discouragement & restlessness.

I know God has got it all under control.


Christina said...

Patty, i haven't left you many posts, but i am totally hyped for you, John, Mark, Luke and Nathan! I've been praying. I've totally loved hearing the good, bad and ugly about this process. It is quite the "birthing" process isn't it? Don't know how Mark's delivery went, but this has to rival it. :-D . Love ya!

Joy said...

Patty, I spoke with your sweet husband today and he is missing all of you! It has been such a blessing to read about your trip and meeting your boys. We will continue to pray - praise God for all He has done and been for you so far!

Lisa Michele said...

Patty! So wish I were there to help fill in the gaps with you! Praying for you and with you as you are all adjusting! You are a beautiful daughter of the Most High King, rest in Him!
Blessings my friend,


Holly said...

We wait for your updates with such excitement each day!!! Praying much blessing and love your way!