Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Three Sons

These three little guys are our blessings! Here's Mark with one of our new chicks this past Spring.

Here's Luke Emmanuel at the beach about a month ago.
This is also Luke, taking a LEAP! When I first saw this photo, I was thankful that I have pretty good nerves & that we live near an ER!

My "baby", Nathan Godfred! Can't wait to kiss his sweet little face!


Laurel said...

Gotta tell you ... it's really funny looking at pictures of your guys. The shirt that Luke is wearing in the "leaping" picture, is the shirt that Jacob wore in most of the pics we had before our adoption. (I noticed one of your guys was wearing it in an earlier pic also.)


Holly said...

R U going to post anything on your Blog while you are in Africa?


Patty said...

I will try to post updates while I am away.:)

Stella Barnum said...

I have to say that your boys are the most beautiful ( other than mine, of course, lol ) boys I have laid my eyes on. Seeing you endure this adventure puts a little bit more hope in the world, even if it is just a little bit. I am praying for you daily. The Grotberg family has become very special to me and I am looking forward to seeing you bring your boys home!