Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bits n' Pieces fromThursday

We are having a good day today! This morning all three boys were being so nice to each other. I asked Mark about it & he said that he woke up with a "new idea" to be nice! Yay - I love that "new" idea! :)


Conversation I overheard today:

Older brother: "I can do this so well! You will be very impressed when you see!"
Younger brother: "I have to poop." (Obviously very impressed!)


We also talked today about getting married. The boys were interested in how John & I got to know each other & how we decided to marry etc. One of them said he didn't think he would get married because everyone he knew
was already married. I asked him about that, & it turned out he was forgetting that all the children his age were going to grow up right along with him. He had just noticed that all the ladies of marriageable age that he knew (like my friends) were already taken! :)


Another thing we did together today was listen to an old Geoff Moore album with the song "Friends For Life" on it. I told the boys that I hoped they would grow up to all be each others' best friends. They obviously thought about that, because later that day when we were praying together, one of them asked God to "help them all grow up to be good friends". Such prayers are music to this Mom's ears!


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Cute stories!!! Thanks for sharing!