Monday, November 9, 2009

First Dr's Appointment

Luke E. & Nathan G. had their wellness check ups today. They are doing well & have each gained about two pounds in the last month. Yeah! :)

They did have to begin their vaccinations today though -lots of tears & fears. (And not just for me either! Ha!) Later on though Luke commented that,"...but Mommy was with us ..." as if that was a really helpful thing for him, so I felt great about that at least. I do think we are all doing well in growing in attachment. Both boys feel comfortable to come up & share hugs & kisses with me. (I LOVE it!) and both are becoming more & more comfortable to play-wrestle with & hug & kiss their Dad. I love to hear all four of them playing together. Those little boys giggles are SO PRECIOUS!


Katherine said...

Not to sound cold but glad to hear about the tears! Just means they feel safe/secure enough to cry! I remember going with Luke & Nathan when they first got "poked" in Ghana. Nathan had big ole tears that he tried to hold in but Luke was despereately trying to be a superhero and that is when he started to count with Moses & I(all the pokes).

So enjoy hearing about your family!


Patty said...

Wow Kathy - thanks so much for telling me about that! Your observation is really encouraging! They must feel VERY secure then, because they really wailed! Yay! I guess I am almost happy about that now.

I still sometimes see my sweet little Luke trying to be that "super hero" but I can also see him gradually letting that go day by day. I was so longing to see him be able to really embrace being a little boy & it is a JOY to see that happening for him.