Monday, November 16, 2009

My Cool Dude

Mark is seven now. He is smart, fun, intense & very strong. When he was about two & a half years old he started moving our couch when there was a toy underneath that he wanted. I would tell my friends that he could move the couch & they would think I was exaggerating, but then I'd ask him to demonstrate and sure enough...

Mark is not just physically strong though. He also has a good strong will. Before we brought Luke & Nathan home from Ghana, I had many moments of concern over how Mark would adjust to his two younger brothers. I tried to prepare him in every way possible. I prayed. I worried. I prayed some more. I decided God had a plan. Duh...I know! :)

We have all been together about 10 weeks now (counting our 4 weeks in Accra) & I am amazed & thrilled to report that Mark is doing GREAT! He is doing so much better than I dared hope. John & I are both so grateful & thankful. We don't take the credit for it, that's for sure. It is a VERY COOL thing that God is doing; there's just no better explanation for it. Mark has his moments, for sure and we are working to help him through those times, but overall, he has really stepped up to the plate of becoming a big brother. He is sharing better than we had hoped. He is caring better than we had hoped. He is loving better too. Yesterday he started giving his brothers "gifts" from his collection of stuff in his room (he is a huge "collecto"). He was really enjoying being a giver & I asked him why he was doing it. I was pretty sure I knew the answer but I wanted Luke & Nathan to hear. Mark explained the giving with, "Because I love them!" Later on, Luke & Nathan also decided to start giving gifts & even I was receiving small cars & plastic horses - awesome! Ha!

Today is a new day, of course, and we have already had plenty of squabbles etc. (Two out of the three boys have very strong wills after all!) but I am hanging on to Mark's words & actions & hanging on to HOPE that yes, of course God has a plan. Duh!

It is really cool to see it working out in my "cool dude" Mark.
I am so proud of him & thankful to my Heavenly Father!


Shaun and Holly said...

Way to go Big Bro!!!

Auntie Holly

Laura said...

So glad to read this one! And what a great pic! Thanking God for answered prayers. When's a good time of day to call you and catch up?