Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Of to A Good Start

This morning I was able to take a shower with NO frantic knocks on the door with the accompanying "Mommy Mommy! Usually this happens at least 4 times during the short time I am in the bathroom. Yay! Progress! (I really enjoyed the peace too!)

Later, when I was getting breakfast ready, I did not have one person remind me, "I'm hungry." This normally happens multiple times and can really try my patience since, there I am - MAKING the breakfast!

Also, I got the food on the table unnoticed! All three boys were busy playing. This is huge! My kids are really starting to relax about food! This is the biggest encouragement for me. It is a joy to see my children able to relax about food. Thank you God for healing for my children & a much more peaceful morning for me! :)

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Holly said...

That is great to hear!!