Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Family Rules

OK, we're still waiting to hear on some paperwork, so I digress...again...

Many times over the last six years that I've been a Mom, I've been amused by the wierd "rules" that have become necessary in our family. I thought you might enjoy them too.

"Family Rules"

1. No breaking/shaking peach trees.
2. No peeing in the dogs' water dish.
3. No writing on walls.
4. You have to at least be wearing underwear to go outdoors.
5. Aim (for the potty).
6. No dumping liquids in carseat cupholders.
7. Keep gum in your mouth.
8. Underwear has to be changed at least once a day.
9. No coins in your mouth.
10. Don't stick gum up your nose.
11. Don't shoot at people - only pirates, sharks, bears etc.
12. Do not climb onto roof of car to swing down into window. Use a door!
13. Do not rinse your dusty feet off in dog's water dish.
14. No mooning - especially first time guests!!!

I am thinking of hanging a cute little sign on our front door that says:
"Caution: May contain nuts!"
Tee Hee! That might be interesting for when we have our place examined for our home study!


Holly said...

hahaha!! You can tell you have an "active boy"!!!

Vicki said...

I'm a friend of Holly's and I am enjoying reading about your journey. I think you could be a millionaire if you start manufactufing the "Caution, may contain nuts" signs for people's front doors. We'd need one for our house for sure!!

Jen said...

Love the rules....things you just never thought you would have to verbalize before becoming a mommy right?
We have had some crazy ones as well, especially when the kids were toddlers....no tieing your baby sister to the railing, she is too little to be the bad guy!