Monday, October 5, 2009

Answered Prayer

I am sitting up in bed in the dark with the lap top as my three boys sleep. It is gradually feeling more "real" that we are now a family of five. It feels WONDERFUL! I know we surely have some really tough transition times ahead, but at this moment I am just enjoying living right in the middle of this miracle that God has done in my life.

John and I have been praying for more children for about five years now - begging the Lord to make a way for us. Meeting the two little answers to our prayers has been amazing. We are so enjoying getting to know them a little more each day.

Mark is handling all these big changes well I think. He is generally feeling a bit "crowded" but I know that will ease with time & it will help when he is back to having his own bedroom at home. All three boys have their squabbles, but they are doing pretty well joining in with family prayer time and playing together right now. John & I are monitoring them all very closely so we can address issues early on. I guess it will be a lot more tiring for me once we are home & he is back to work, but at least I will be at home - on "Mama's Turf"! :)


Shaun and Holly said...

Awesome to be able to read your updates. Love you. Praying for your safe travels home!!


V family said...

I can't wait to read that you are updating from "home" with your 3 little boys tucked safely in their own beds!!
Praise God for you and your family!!!


Kimberly said...

Welcome home Grotbergs...all 5 of you!
Love, Kim, Jarrett and Jonah

Shaun and Holly said...

Welcome HOME!!!!!!! How is the jet lag??

Laura said...

We are all anxiously awaiting the words "We're HOME!" Praying all went smoothly and now praying for this incredible time of transition for you all.