Friday, October 23, 2009

New Things

Luke & Nathan are trying lots of new things in America. Some have been a big hit & others NOT so much.

Things They Like:

ice cubes
new shoes
being tucked in & kissed at night
playing audio tapes in their room
Thomas the Train
gym class
riding bikes
visiting the library

Things They Don't Like:

green beans (does any kid like them?!)
cold weather
seat belts

They are great little guys & are doing very well with SO many new things to adjust to. I am cooking a variety of American foods now & just ask them to taste each thing & then if they don't like it they can always have the "old standard" chicken & rice. Nathan has also been asking for Jollof Rice so I am going to look for a good recipe for that online. It's funny,because whenever I point out a restaurant when we are out driving he'll ask, "Do they have rice?" Maybe that's a new idea for McDonald's?


kim said...

Patty...check in the ethnic aisle of your larger grocery store or Walmart for Nido...a powdered milk that the boys would know well from Ghana. Also, look for Milo...from Nestle. It is a chocolate malted milk powder that is also available in Ghana that you should be able to find here. Milo is in a green can, and Nido is a yellow can. Perhaps the familiar aspect will appeal to them and then you can mix it later with regular milk and eventually wean them onto just reg. milk. They may not have ever had Nido or Milo while in Ghana... but the brands are well advertised and all over and the boys will know the product and probably be thrilled to try it.

Katherine said...

Some more thoughts. Moses loved/loves eggs (hard boiled and smashed up hardboiled in a sandwich with just a bit of salt). What also worked (for a little while) was to put espresso flavoring in the milk. For example, two of the boys loves coconut so I used the coconut espreosso flavoring in the milk (so instead of chocolate or strawberry milk it was coconut milk). That worked well to start some dairy in their diet. Instead of buying a big bottle get a few pumps from your local coffee stand to see if they like it:) Regarding Jollof rice, I tried lots of differnt kinds and at least for us, it only worked once or twice but I have found that "mexican" type rice has stuck. I know you can even cook the rice in tomato juice/chicken broth in the rice cooker. Try some mexican rice takeout from a local mexican restaurant and then if they like it, ask them how they prepare. We've found they usually are more than willing to accommodate!


We are Grateful!!! said...

Hi Patty:
Homeschool question...are you getting ready to do that yet or waiting to see what levels you might put them in. I posted a question regarding on my homeschool forum and got little advice?
Also did you have your son on malaria meds when you went over? Preparing for that too.

Patty said...

Thanks Kathy! I guess my boys are like Moses - they are "egg eating machines"! :) I think I am going to get LOTS more chicks next Spring.

I'll try flavored milk & Mexican rice - thanks for the ideas - I welcome them all. :)