Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Trips Home

Mark & I had a long trip - Accra, Amsterdam, Detroit & finally Charlotte. Mark rested pretty well but I was only able to sleep maybe 4 hours out of the 24. Yuck! We sure were glad to land in NC!

When we got home, we had friends waiting at our house with dinner ready, welcome home signs, flowers, etc & then I realized they had also been cleaning my house, moving some necessary furniture, & even making up our beds! Mark & I were kind of wandering around our house, getting reacquainted with it after being away a month, & admiring ALL the thoughtful things our friends had done. Mark said, "Oh wow Mom! They are acting just like Jesus!" He was exactly right!


John, Luke & Nathan had a more direct flight - Accra, NY, Charlotte. They all rested pretty well on the planes but Luke had trouble throwing up on the first flight. They got through US Immigration OK & ran to get on their connecting flight. John said they got there just in time for boarding. Phew!

I lay down that night, happy to be in my own bed again, & just silently worshiped God. He really CAN do anything!

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