Monday, October 12, 2009

What My Days Are Full Of

*three meals & two snacks
*nap from 1-3
*pint sized super heroes in my living room
*poor Nathan car sick ... again...
*first trip to the library
*learning how to put on socks...and remembering to add shoes before going outside
*Mt.Everest of laundry
*happy, happy giggles
*pure delight on Mark's face a few times - he is so glad to have brothers to play with
*playing "Go Fish"
*watching Veggie Tales
*praying together as a family
*my first kiss from my 4 year old :)
*lots of snuggles
*lots of guidance
*some correction
*lots of questions for Mom
*a few tantrums - pretty mild though
*lots of playing outside
*tubby baths
*wrestling with Dad
*My heart full & singing with joy! God has brought my children home!


Shaun and Holly said...

congrats on the kiss! So sweet!!

Tina said...

love it!!! Love it!! Love it!!!