Monday, October 5, 2009

Prayer Time/ Send-off At Beacon House

The children all sat in a big circle around us and prayed for their friends and their new family. Precious, precious prayers!

The boys were really excited about their send-off. Luke was watching the clock and Nathan Godfred was walking around with his hat & back pack on "all ready" for at least an hour before we got started.


Rebecca said...

Never fails to bring me to tears!! The boys look ready! I am praying that God continues to knit your hearts and prepares you like only He can! What a blessing to see you here on the journey!
Praying you all home!!
With JOY!

Anonymous said...

Finally!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

Jen said...

I can just imagaine the sigh of relief as the last of your family members passes through customs and you are all together on American soil, with no more possibilities of red tape or politics hindering the completion of your dream...Such excitement!
Blessings to you all as you settle in to new routines and everyday wonderful family life!

Holly said...

So exciting!!!! We will be praying for your safe travels "home"!!!