Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our First Days At Home

The first few days at home have kind of been like an extended Christmas morning. So many things are new & exciting to the boys. Ice cubes! Twin beds! Apples! Pet chickens! Microwave! Dishwasher! Our own van! Socks! (You don't need to wear them in Ghana) Strawberry scented shampoo!


Shaun and Holly said...


It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. We are so thankful for our new nephews (and the kid's new cousins)!!


Laura said...

I noticed before reading Holly's comment that Monday is the Canadian Thanksgiving. How fitting! I can't imagine their excitement and wonder at everything new. Keep sharing stories and I'd love to see pictures of their new room (and yours!) Sure wish I could've been part of the welcoming committee! God is good!